Product Designer | User Experience Researcher | Android Developer

I love the thrill of designing a product, coding the pieces together and making it come to life for people to interact with.




About Me

I am a first year MIMS graduate student studying at University of California, Berkeley. Here my focus is on User Centered Design and Research, Product Management & Data Visualization.

I am passionate about mobile app design and development, building quality products, driving results and increasing user engagement. I am adept at mobile development, strategic planning and people management.

Previously, I have successfully managed and developed mobile products through their lifecycle - design, usability, development, analysis, and improvement phases.

What I Do

I'm always aspiring to create products that are a perfect combination of storytelling, technology, and people. Here are some areas I'm passionate about:

Ideation & Research

Generate concepts, perform contextual inquiry and discover users' needs based on research results, and align goals within the business requirements and stakeholders' expectations.


Designing low and high fidelity prototypes. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Python to develop prototypes.

Product Management

Perform lead release planning with development teams, communicating requirements, schedule expectations and producing release metrics for the stakeholders

Android Development

As side projects, I love designing and developing apps/prototypes for mobile devices (particularly Android).